Justine Rainer

visual artist & curator

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Development of the project “Stories of Walls”

February 2021, collection of materials and first decisions regarding colours, materials and experimentations with materials, textures and formats.

The white wall.
Through the collecting of different types of papers and scraps and other materials, my interest in fine details in shade and also the impact of one on the other made me play around with the set up of these materials. I changed this intsallation a few times observing the diferent shades appearing on the Walls.

Leaving traces on Walls.
Rubbing charcoals and natural dry pastels on the Wall made me see the Wall that makes up my studio space more clearly. It didnt cover the Wall, it made the Wall even more apparent. 

Leaving marks outside the studio space.
The studio space is a space that at some point feels like an extension of the artist. The space is part of the existence of the person. By moving the marks to other spaces, it is not only like leaving a signature, but furthermore like an extension of the self.

The collection of materials, led me to the collection of fabrics and the interest of translating the marks from the Wall onto a surface that can be easier transported.

Discovering a space, like getting to know another person. It goes from not knowing to a deep understanding.
The space and the Walls at first seem new and unknown, but after spending time in a space, seeing the light change, feeling the Walls. Working inside another space gives you the opportunity to experience the space and to get to know it.

A new studio space leads to more profound thoughts about the meaning of the Wall. Different Textures, different materials and different Walls, led to new methodologies and questions.
New methods being developed. The link to printmaking and also the option of creating a shape that would be my tag.
All of these are thoughts and maybe even processes that are being created right now.

The importance of space is still deeply rooted in the project, by trying new ways of installation, I try to understand how to place myself and the viewer within the work.
How to distribute throughout the space and make the viewer experience not only the artworks but also the space they are in.

The Orange Room created for the NCAD graduate show in 2022.