Justine Rainer

visual artist & curator

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von Figuren

In the exhibition “von Figuren” (of Figures) Justine Rainer displays drawings focusing on multiple thematics and united under one storyline for the exhibition.

Human bodies and landscape fragments are placed in dialogue. The shapes of bodies mirror the fragments, the organic merges and they seem to form an entity.

There is an immediacy in drawing that directly relates to the artists body. The intention behind every line connects the figures with the forms, their colours and brushstrokes accentuates the enigmatic relationship between these. The human body and its movement becomes one with the resulting drawings.

Preparing my first solo-exhibtion

Preparing the artworks

After all the artworks have been finished and in this case transported to the final destination, they need to be prepared for the installation. In this case the main pieces have to be transported rolled as the size makes it impossible to transport them flat. To flatten the artworks there are diferent methods such as flatten, sometimes dampen and place them under heavy weights for at least a week, or roll them in the opposite direction and store them for a certain time until they stay flat. I decided to go with both techniques to make sure that they stay entirely flat for the exhibition.

Space and accrochage

The exhibition space I decided to go with is a basement of a classical building. The basement has these beautiful arches that create these almost separate rooms. To protect the artworks from humidity there are metal fences installed infront of the bare stone walls. 
To hang my drawings I decided to go with magnets to protect the paper from any damage and to give a very modern and clean aesthetic.

Final result

The overall result was amazing. The Arches seemed to frame the artworks and the natural stone made the drawings stand out even better than they would have in a white cube gallery space. The metal fences and natural walls made the delicate drawings even more apparent and  created a very comfortable and sheltered ambiance.